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Ad Bright PPC traffic is bogus!

islandmaan asked 1 year ago
Did a test of the Adbright network on buying gaming ppc and like usual lots of clicks and no sign ups. So I sent it directly to one of my Casino Coins casinos because coins has this great service called referrel so I can see the URL’s where the traffic is coming from.

Sure enough I start seeing URL’s like this xxx and if you go to the root you will see it is a Japanese dating site in Japanese.

Not just one site but several sites, when I called Ad Bright they say if an advertiser requests certain key words then they will allow the traffic on the network even if it is bogus.

I post things like this because I hate to be robbed and want to warn others as well, if i had seen a posting like this it would of saved me several hundred dollars.

If other webmasters have experiances like this please post, there are hardly any posts like this and I thought CAP was about us helping each other and to fight trash like this!



9 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I used them once and dropped them because I didn’t see any difference on my site – but I have a lot of traffic so theirs could just have drowned in mine and I didn’t do any tests.

So there was nothing conclusive when I did it, I just figured it wasn’t helping.

With islandmaan’s scenario one doesn’t even get a link from a related site for one’s money.

That sucks.

ewhitaker answered 1 year ago
I used AdBright once before too and after seeing no signups and the types of URLs the hits were coming from – never again. Had the same experience with MIVA and a couple others.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Good work Brian. Yes, many of us have advertised on Ad Brite or Ad Engage (even worse) and no sign ups from the traffic we were supoosedly getting.

The only reason we havent blasted them as pure rogues like the PPC engines is at least you can see your ads being displayed on sites and when you click on them they are routed properly through the system. This is a LOT more then can be said about a number of PPC and ALL cheap traffic vendors.

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
Adbrite can be good for some kind of sites, but usually not to direct gamblers. But there are ways of trying to convert them. Just don’t send them to a page full of links. Once the page is closed, it’s gone.

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
For some reason you can no longer purchase site-by-site ppc through adbrite. The network ppc is definitely a waste of time. I haven’t tried cpm.

Captain answered 1 year ago
Yes the network ppc is a waste of time at Adbrite and Adengage.

Trey answered 1 year ago
I still seem to be able to purchase site by site ppc through adbright. I have not done any buys there for gaming but I have tried a couple for web hosting & have one right now that I get traffic from. I’ve tested the traffic in Google’s analytics (Urchin) and stats seem to jive with what they provide on the admin panel. Good to know though that they are not good for Gaming. Great heads up.

one2 answered 1 year ago
I used Adbrite in the past and would not suggest them to anyone. I paid probably $60 initially to have my ad run on a network site for a week. Lots of traffic but not one person converted. I ended my ad campaign with them, and over the course of the next 6 months Adbrite decided to bill me again, multiple times. I called their management pissed off due to the fact that it came unexpectadly, when I had not requested it. They did nothing to comfort my anger, and said they simply could not issue me a refund. So I wound up spending about $170 for traffic which did not produce one signup for me. Horrible service, horrible conversions. Stay away from adbrite!

john867 answered 1 year ago
Thanks for letting us know. I have previously tried Adbrite and found that I was paying much more than what I was making back from the traffic that I was receiving. Never again will I advertise with them.