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Enhance Interactive PPC any good?

islandmaan asked 1 year ago
Has anybody had any experiance with Enhance Interactive for PPC? I am afraid they are associated with Ah-Ha which I believe I have heard some negative feedback on.



5 Answers
pokermonger answered 1 year ago
I ran a small campaign with them and received 0 ROI. Moved elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure I have read a post by BB1 about Ah-Ha and it was negative. Might PM him and ask.

opiemarket answered 1 year ago
Yes, Enhance is the old ah-ha..and my experience for gambling produced zero results. Spend your money elseware.

Hope this helps.


islandmaan answered 1 year ago
Thanks Jamie I thought so, I also did a search here and saw a previous post from BB1 saying the same thing, it pays (or saves)to use this board!


Dominique answered 1 year ago
Yep, the old aha!

Lots of more fun ways to waste one’s money…. :drunk2:

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
I wish I found this forum earlier. I’ve spent a fortune on enhance.