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Earnings for 2006 – 2008 statistics

allfreechips asked 1 year ago
Ok, we do a month by month stat on earnings but what about 2006 – 2008.

As we know the end of 2006 was the UIGEA ruling that looked to be a very negative thing to all of us, however I have seen an actual increase in net revenue for 2008 so far over 2007, and even 2006.

Would like to get a better understanding of the industy curve as my stats show a good 2006, slump in 2007 and great in 2008..

3 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I think this poll will be inconclusive.

If people started in 2006 or later, they should be doing better today no matter what the industry is like.

There could be two polls, one for people who were established when UIGEA came about, and one that shows how well newcomers get off the ground since then.

That would allow conclusions about the state of the industry.

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
True, but I was hoping members would take that into consideration to make a final judgement.

GamTrak answered 1 year ago
I would say that 2008 is my strongest by far and I attribute that mainly to learning how to do things better and more efficently.

I did not experience a spike, either way after UIGEA, but I think that was only due to the fact that 50% of my traffic was and still is international for sometime before things got crazy.