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whitelable casino / betting site

lisa_g4 asked 3 years ago
hi, i am looking to tie up with Casino / Betting website to build my site with whitelable support where i can drive my email traffic

any suggestions?

1 Answers
AussieDave answered 3 years ago
I’m sure you’ll find some dodgy outfit who would take you up on your offer.

Though, if your looking for a reputable gaming venue, I don’t know any, who would provide you with a bespoke white label just on email traffic alone, especially if you have no cred (are an unknown) within the industry. This type of marketing your offering attracts spammers and you’d have to prove how you obtained these email addresses.

For instance, from which site(s) did you acquire these emails?
Are these emails obtain through closed-loop opt-in (aka double opt-in)?
Did you purchase these emails, if so from where?

ROI (return on investment) for casinos is a BIG deal. So they also want to know which sites you own too. I’m guessing is your only site – I have a feeling it’s your first site.

Some free advice. I’d be walking before you run. Look at improving that site and learn the ropes with it first. Action what xecutable has given you in his detailed site review Get this site pumping and build up some industry cred.

I’m sure by the time that comes to fruition and your making money, you’ll realise owning a white label is more risky and more hassle than it’s worth.