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Dropped out of google serps

LandofOz asked 3 years ago
Has anyone else had a site totally drop out of google’s serps very recently? This happened to one of my sites about one hour ago. It’s the strangest thing. Not sure if it’s to do with any current google updates that are taking place, or because I optimised all my meta tags a few days ago, or someone has done something, hmmm… The site is still in the directory and still has a high pr, but not in the serps since about an hour ago. Anyway, if anyone else is experiencing the same thing, please let me know. I wonder what is going on.
27 Answers
antoine answered 3 years ago
It happens to me all of the time. Most of the time the website comes back, I think it’s actually due to database issues on their end. Try not to worry about it.

If your website was truly banned you would show a PR of 0.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
True, G&C is an authority site. It got to be that way because of daily updates and additions for several years. Google likes to see slow and constant growth IMO.

Authority sites appear to work the opposite way from smaller ones. Additions/changes pop to the top right away and then start losing positions as time passes without updates to that page/section/keyword listing. So they become a nightmare of constantly needed changes to more and more pages or they drop.

It becomes so daunting that one has to keep adding paid labor to keep up with it all. So increased income gets eaten up by increased expenses and you end up running a full fledged business with all the headaches of managing product and people. The process is riddled with growing pains, the need for more money to pay more people to update more pages and sections. I have worked for 10 to 13 hours a day 7 days a week for years to keep up with it all. It’s not for the faint hearted and you do need a business background to manage continued growth large enough to make you an authority site.

But you don’t have to go to that extreme, IMO you can make a good living with non authority sites that stick to the growth principle but at a lesser rate.

I didn’t link to a banned site. I only list casinos on my front pages. Link partners have their own internal directory on the site

It doesn’t matter where your link partners are located. If you draw attention with a change anyplace on the site all of the site gets reevaluated and items that google let slide a month ago can flag your site today. Do you check the legitimacy of your link partners more often than google does? I think that is where the problem lies.

Any type of SEO tricks are disliked by google. Sooner or later they all come back to bite you. IMO, if you want the site to continue to rank in the long run, you need to be squeaky clean. Otherwise you have “disposable sites” aka blackhat. The grey area of SEO lasts longer than the black one, sometimes much longer, but it will get you eventually.

So maybe the problem is the occasional update of sites that don’t receive many google bot visits? Suddenly drawing the attention after periods of dormancy?

Re-examine your SEO. Do you keep within the parameters set by the google webmaster guidelines? Is there some old SEO stuff on your site that has come back to bite you? Be especially attentive to links, I think google has started to crack down on inflated link counts.

I just updated some small sites that have been neglected for years and will keep an eye.

I know it is hard to become established when squeaky clean. I took the long route, spending years and all the income generated to continue to grow the site slowly and consistently, and it paid off.

Just my personal experience, I don’t even keep up with any SEO matters except for the google guidelines. Many will disagree with my approach.


slotplayer answered 3 years ago
LandofOz wrote:
I’m going to test this theory one more time. I have a site that is ranking #1 for a certain phrase. I need to remove a casino listing from throughout the entire site. I also need to replace the front page banner of this casino with another casino. I’ll do this within 48 hours and watch what happens. Then I’ll post what happened to the site in the serps for that phrase here.

You can get a basic idea of how Google sees your site by checking it in a text-mode only browser such as:

However, you have to add an empty file called delorie.htm to your root to use the viewer now.


bonustreak answered 3 years ago
Google is so fickle it seems as of latelain:

LandofOz answered 3 years ago
Thanks very much Dom for your reply. It must’ve taken you forever to write <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> I’ve examined and re-examined everything. Yep, I found 5 link partners that were previously ranked by google, but they must’ve gotten banned during the last update. I’ve deleted them. I’ll be checking my link partners more regularly from now on. As I said before, I made the same exact updates to a few other sites and although they all disappeared for a day or two, they did come back, except for one. The only thing that I can think of is that I had purchased a few pr 6, 7 and 8 text link ads about 10 months ago and everything was going really well until a few weeks ago when I heard that google is going to start penalising sites that buy paid links… so, I had those pr 6, 7 and 8 links deleted and a couple of weeks later, I drop 800+ spots in the serps. It’s ironic, because nothing happened until I deleted those high pr incoming links that I’ve had running for well over 10 months. This is the only difference that sets this site apart from the other sites that have come back. Anyway my site is bouncing all over the serps and still has a high pr, so I’ll just wait for whatever penalty that I may have acquired to pass.

SlotPlayer, thanks for the link.. I’ll check it out.

LandofOz answered 3 years ago
I’m back baby artier:

elgoog answered 3 years ago