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Are anybody else’s pages disappearing from Google?

voodooman asked 2 years ago

Over the past 2 months most of my pages have disappeared from the Google index (no longer indexed at all). Over this time, my SERPS in MSN and Yahoo have skyrocted so the overall traffic loss is not killing me but…..

For each of my gambling/poker related sites my pages have been disappearing? What could have happened?

8 Answers
Squigley answered 2 years ago
Hi Voodooman,

This is happening a lot lately. Check out the google forum at webmasterworld.

TheGooner answered 2 years ago

I notice a page go missing here or there – but generally it’s for a very competitive term and I asume that the scrapers are just hitting it.

Most of my pages are staying where I expect.

Overall the volume from google seems constant at round 200-300 hits a day.

LandofOz answered 2 years ago
I’ve lost 1000s of pages in the last few weeks. Something major is happening. Here’s a good tool to compare your search engine saturation with your competitors’ sites across the 3 major search engines.


villa10 answered 2 years ago
On a 3 y.o. non casino site I’ve dropped from 360 to 68 pages.
Now I am recovering my pages in a range of 20 pages re-indexed per day.

As allways there’s no explanation for the “fat finger of the engineer” , but if your site is white hat, keep watching in the following days.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
Yes I have noticed this for the last four months. The answer I received was that Google was recompling some stuff. My front page stayed, and it took four months to get most pages back, another possible answer.


FreePokerLeague answered 2 years ago
They removed over 1000 new pages from my site and now list 500 very old pages no longer online and haven’t been for at least 1 if not 2 years. Plus my top page serps for the index moved to like 2/3/4.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
I’ve seen the number of indexed pages vary greatly on Google from any given month to any other given month. I don’t worry too much about it, since it seems all of our pages are still being found, they just may not being reported by Google when you do the “site:” search. I could be wrong about the latest issue, but that’s my experience from the past several months.

BlackjackInfo answered 2 years ago
Some of this recent Matt Cutts post may be relevant to this discussion. In any event, it’s interesting reading.