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Domain choice question for SEO Geniuses

cowboy asked 2 years ago
Say I am making a mini site optimized to sell Blue Widgets, and my principal targeted keyword is “blue widget” (singular)., .net, and .org are taken, as are, .net and .org AND, net., .org AND, .net, and .org – all taken!

In that situation, do you think a better choice for the domain name would be:


The goal is to come up #1 in the SERPS for “blue widget”.

3 Answers
tryme1 answered 2 years ago
The second one is always better. Keywords in the domain and all that.

casinotime answered 2 years ago
aggree with Tryme1

If is available you might want it too for non plural searches… and more brandable and easy to remember cause its .com

alexross answered 2 years ago
i would ditch both (widgetz or anything with a Z sounds a bit scriptkiddieish imo) and would buy something like or fwiw…

people like to type “best X” and “free X” in to google etc a LOT, so you will get lots of organic search value as well as the SEO value associated with a self-seo’ing domainname.

my $.10c