Does anyone in gambling use email marketing?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Email MarketingDoes anyone in gambling use email marketing?
cardscrazy asked 8 months ago
i know it’s big in retail, but do people even utilize this method in gambling? are there any types of restrictions that one should know about before getting into email marketing???
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alexross answered 8 months ago
not really done it yet, but just got my hands on a 10k player database so I’ll give it a bash at some stage I think.

any tips?

cardscrazy answered 8 months ago
I haven’t personally done it myself in gambling, but have done it in retail.

All I can say is to make sure that you do it at the right time, and with the right promotion. it’s a numbers game and all about the conversions with email marketing.

universal4 answered 8 months ago
Based upon the amount of spam I get…yes people use email….

Don’t ever use bought, rented or traded lists of email addresses, as all of that is spam….

Only lists of emails you personally collect from the recipient would not be spam.


Dominique answered 8 months ago
Go to a place like Mailermailer and get a script there to place on your site to sign up people for a newsletter.

You can try it for free, signups are collected by mailermailer who sends out an opt in mail to confirm the person signed up for real and it’s not someone playing tricks on another person.

So you have a double opt-in, which run trouble free. If there are complaints, mailer mailer deals with it. The stats rock, you can get to know your players because you see who clicked on what and you can follow everything.

range answered 8 months ago
I also use MailerMailer (I think on your recommendation Dom), quick and easy to set-up and also a free trial version.

Results are so/so, although I think they should improve.

cardscrazy answered 8 months ago
I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the recommendation. Have you done email marketing to your players dominique?

Dominique answered 8 months ago
GamesandCasino has a weekly newsletter….

EarnReal_Luis answered 8 months ago
Informing your subscribers of any new content, offers or breaking news it is always a good way to keep them coming and loyal to you I will never suggest spam as that gives you a bad reputation IMHO

alexpratt answered 8 months ago
Email is definitely worth exploring – I havebn’t watched this yet but have a look at this session from London on email marketing We also have this session in Amsterdam on the first day:

13:45 PM Maximising the potential of email acquisition & retention campaignsThis session will look at the difference in successful acquisition and retention marketing campaigns and show you how to leverage your data to increase the returns from your email marketing. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions regarding key issues to the industry such as delivery, tracking conversions/deposits, campaign automation and a free ’email healthcheck’ and/or creative audit for all attendees.

Speaker: Alex Timlin, Communicator Corp

universal4 answered 8 months ago
not really done it yet, but just got my hands on a 10k player database so I’ll give it a bash at some stage I think.

What exactly does that mean?

If you purchased, rented, borrowed, or leased the list, in fact if you acquired any other way than capturing the emails yourself, it will be considered spam….

An example, I join Casino A and optin to recieve mails from them.

If Casino A sells the db to Casino B and then Casino B mails me, it is spam.

Yes I optedin originally, but only to Casino A not Casino B…

And bytheway, ANY casino that sells a “player database” should be rogued.