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What is spam what is not spam ?

Guide2casino asked 3 years ago
Hi all

Is it possibel to send óut emails that you buy for a resonobel price without SPAMMING ?

Where do you get your email adresses from ?

I have a coupel of newsletter but only a coupel of thousend subscribers to each – I would like to send my newsletter to millions of gamblers – any sugestions ?

Thanks in advance

10 Answers
magy answered 3 years ago
Spamming is a bad thing and a sure way to NOT get players to your site. There are lists available to purchase everywhere on the net. It is imperative to ensure they are double opt-in and always check references before you purchase anything from a supplier. Emailing your own members about offers and news is a good way for retaining your customers.

If you find a list you think is good true to be true, it probably is. Best to ask around before you invest.


Guide2casino answered 3 years ago
I defently will not use SPAM

But how will I feind out if a list is actualy opt-in – nad opt in for what? Anyone know somewher to bye quality emails for a resonobel price ? No spam ?

universal4 answered 3 years ago
If it really is double opt in….is it an opt in to you?

If you mail to a purchased or rented list, will you also subscribe that list?


magy answered 3 years ago
That is a good point and may be valid when purchasing a list from another site. If you go to the mailhouse brokers or a similar supplier then double-in would refer to people who have confirmed twice that they wish to receive offers from gambling or another type of merchant.

Caseym answered 3 years ago
What you have described is definitely spam! If you send to that list you are a spammer, there is no ambiguity about it

xecutable answered 3 years ago
Any sort of buying/renting email databases is and should be considered spam. Why? 99% of the time when I subscribe on a site, there a big message telling me “WE HATE SPAM. WE WILL NEVER TRADE OR SELL YOUR EMAIL”.

I don’t care if I have quadruple opt-ed, I have not agreed for someone else to obtain my email and send me promotional material.

To answer directly I doubt you can bye such emails anywhere. I doubt anyone can prove to you that these gamblers have signed up and have agreed to receive emails from ANYONE. Your question shouldn’t be where can I buy from, but What can I do to get more sign-ups myself.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear, but buy/selling emails has always been something affiliates and players hate. (especially universal4 <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> )

thebookiesoffers answered 3 years ago
I would also say dragging a thread up from 9 years ago will also flag up as potential spammy activity

JillO answered 3 years ago
Agreed… I think that user was some sort of bot. Sayonara Sam Smith <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Sorry for any annoyance or inconvenience!

whs-web answered 3 years ago
The minute you buy email lists which supposedly have email addresses from so called real casino players etc, to send your newsletter to, you need to get the foek out of the biz pal!!

Spam is spam. You CAN NOT buy email lists to mail to.

Did these people, whom the seller is raping their privacy with by selling this list to you, actually ASK you for your newsletter?


Then it is spam.

* I’d personally would like to make arrangments to meet with people who sell these type of lists. A Can of whoopass is what I have for them.

p.arena answered 3 years ago
I wouldn’t suggest buying lists, firstly it’s illegal in a lot of countries to mass spam people that haven’t opted in.

But also, it won’t have as good of an effect as building up a quality list that have found your site and signed up themselves.

You’re probably better off having a newsletter or sports tips or some other useful section of your website that offers a service that people would genuinely sign up to read.

Double opt-in doesn’t mean that a person has agreed to receive emails from everyone that is gambling related, or from everyone that has purchased their details from a list.

Double opt-in means that someone has entered in their details on a sign up form (the 1st opt in), they then receive an email confirmation that they have to click a link on to confirm that they want to receive the emails to prove that the owner of the address really wishes to be on the mailing list.

Without the double opt-in, anyone could just enter other people’s addresses in to a mailing list claiming to be that person. But if they don’t actually have access to that email address they can’t click the confirmation link on the email.