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Do you hide affiliate tags? Yes/No

cat asked 1 year ago
Do you hide affiliate tags from the status bar of the browser?
18 Answers
cat answered 1 year ago
The only reason I rather hide affiliate links is that visitors maybe wonder about the strange URL in the status bar.

VPGenius answered 1 year ago
I hide them the same way Rob does without using javascript, although I do it to track the clicks and to hide the ugly affiliate codes.

Rob472 answered 1 year ago
I hide them but I don’t use javascript to hide them from the status bar. Most people don’t even know what an affiliate link is so if your not in the internet marketing niche then there really isn’t any reason to hide them.

Mine are hidden not for the purpose of hiding them but for tracking clicks, blocking the links from search engines, and the ease of updating my links site wide from one place. They are all stored in a database.

casdirss answered 1 year ago
This is a really interesting thread. I can see the reason for wanting to hide an affiliate link, especially if its long and ugly. I was thinking about hiding some of my links with a php redirect, but i’m not sure. My eldest son did this and noticed no difference to his income. Guess it can’t hurt though, and it probably looks more professional too.

Omer 3D Poker answered 1 year ago
You guys make a strong point about the ugly URLs, I didn’t bother to hide the tags but I’ll get my webmaster to check these code suggestions and implement :hattip:

KorvaRousku answered 1 year ago
I don’t. It’s the choose of the player if he wants to support the site. Most doesn’t even know about the links toughhh..

WagerX answered 1 year ago
I link to an internal page that has a redirect to the program. I always add a rel=”nofollow” tag as well as exclude those redirect pages in the robots.txt . Solves the problem of link weight for the affiliate programs as well as the visible external url in the status bar.

casinotime answered 1 year ago
depends on the visitor and its true some are loking out for them. I personally keep an ey out before clicking on links, even type directly in browser. Not always only when bored haha

In anycase, I believe there are a good portion of people who do it. Yet many.. MANY dont even know what the heck an affiliate is unless they are doing something online themselves.

I asked a few friends and they have not got a clue what affiliate codes are and such. they just click and think the code needs to be in the site.

but i am paranoid so i will hide them all haha :roflmao: soon

gregpowell answered 1 year ago
Hey Sunyh, we all know what affiliate tags are. Whether or not its a turn off to potential players is a different story. From my personal experience, I feel its better to hide them…

ioc answered 1 year ago
I don’t mind affiliate links enjoying them LOL. :hattip: