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Good designer

Buddy asked 1 year ago
Hi all

I’m looking for a talented website designer. Please help me in my search! Any recommendations would be much appreciated.


5 Answers
GamTrak answered 1 year ago
I know of someone that does good web design for reasonable prices.

Exactly what do you want the site to do and approximately how many pages will you have. Do you need SEO included, Hosting, database features, etc?

Please give as much info. as possible.

Daera answered 1 year ago
I’ve used Kundan to design our Vbulletin skin, and am very happy with his work, his prices, and his professionalism. Kundan’s been recommended many times here at CAP. Here’s just one of many threads about his work.

Buddy answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the responses. i need straight design. If you pm me their details I can check them out.

Kundan – thanks – I’ve found those posts now.

kundan answered 1 year ago
i was on vacation and i just came back to work.

plz PM me your info of your website.

webdeveloper answered 1 year ago
The thread is little bit old, May be “Buddy” got an designer if not, I can help you,
I have nice experience in developing and designing the poker sites,
Have a look on my past work

PM me your requirements