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Changing IP’s not good?

dalster44 asked 3 years ago
One other question,

My rankings were excellent for 2 years, because of constant server problems I changed hosts which of course gave me the new IP.

I bought a Private IP (not sure what its actually called) but its not shared.

It also is a secure IP, I have the option of “Https” also.

Is this what has put my website out of view at Google?

All my pages are indexed, but yet no where to be found other than by pure luck.


3 Answers
Siouxzee answered 3 years ago
Excellent question, the same thing happened to me and I just assumed that was the cause but would love to have verification and possible solutions!

Webzcas answered 3 years ago
CHanging IP’s should not affect your site rankings in google, unless the IP is assigned by another authority than your original IP – ie: moving physical location from the US to the UK which falls under RIPE.

dalster44 answered 3 years ago

Actually the old host was in the U.S. , now its a Canadian Host