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bing and the rest

Rak asked 3 years ago
Does anyone have any good resource for SEO for the “other” search engines.. or any search engines not Google.

So much effort seems to be put into understanding Google… would be great to see how the other engines work – thinking, would it be more beneficial to go after a big % of a smaller engine,then go after a small piece of a big engine.

Wouldn’t mind SEO’ing a site specifically for a different set rules and see how it fares.


6 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
I find that just basic white hat SEO and lots of original content works in all engines equally.

itsblitz answered 3 years ago
My best slots bonus site is all over the front page of Bing UK, i dont know how and i see very little traffic from it. I get top 10 results for terms like ‘best slots’ ‘best slot’ ‘best bonus’ ‘best bonuses’ ‘no deposit slots’ ‘slots bonus’ , and its just a site i put up using a free weebly editor which i upgraded to pro. I guess bing puts a lot of weight on the URL of the site. Im not an seo expert by any means, just my opinion

Talk Casinos answered 3 years ago
Go for Google and the others will follow

LiveCasinoPartners answered 3 years ago
I agree with Dom. If you stick to an authoritative site with great content the search engines will rank you well. I would focus on content rather than dominating the smaller engines.

gaylem answered 3 years ago
If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for Webmaster Tools at Bing and submit your site:
Bing Webmaster Tools

shortow answered 3 years ago
I’ve always found Bing an enigma. I have pages that rank well for keywords they are totally unrelated to, while the pages that are 100% on the money for those terms are know where to be found. They are still a long way behind Google in search relevance. Their webmaster tools is a joke compared to Google WMT. Just a far less sophisticated product all round imo.

Trouble is, now that they also power Yahoo all of a sudden Bing search has a share of the search market that can’t be ignored. SEOing for it is like throwing darts at a dart board though.

One thing that I have found has helped is site-wide 301 redirects from non-www to www. Bing seems to struggle more with canonicalization than Google

As for the smaller engines…waste of time worrying about them other than the general principle of pushing out quality content