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Bid Clix anybody use them?

islandmaan asked 1 year ago
Has anybody had experiance with using Bid Clix? They all sound so familiar and I cannot remember if I had tested them in the past. Any input would be appreciated!


4 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
I know Paul Needham very well and was one of their first customers many years ago, even before they launched Bid Clix. I advertised with them quite a bit until a few years ago when they stopped accepting online gambling advertisers.

They emailed me about a dozen times earlier today from several old accounts I had with them and said :

Hi Louis

Every day, we generate between 50,000 and 70,000 leads for businesses like yours.
That’s about 1.8 million leads per month. I want BidClix to become your most
important source of new business so I’m writing to make some recommendations.

We have recently added many new publishers in the “Entertainment” and
“Games” channels. Both of these channels are very cost effective so now
is the time to start bidding. If you want to reach young men and women as they pursue
their internet gaming passions, here is the place.

Entertainment ($0.10 per click minimum)
Games ($0.10 per click minimum)

Also, as you may know, our highest volume and highest quality channels tend to be
the Premium channels:

Premium Lifestyle ($0.30 per click minimum)
Premium Men ($0.25 per click minimum)

I like to recommend them because they always have very good quality. That is, the
clicks convert into sales/leads/orders for our advertisers at an above average rate.

These channels perform well for the following categories of advertisers: financial
services, mortgages, refinancing, business opportunities, franchises, foreign exchange
trading, work at home businesses for moms and dads.

Also, the International channel is an excellent place to reach consumers outside
of the US. The average CPC in that channel is only 5 cents.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you succeed with
your online advertising.

I emailed them and asked Lori if they had changed their policy and were now accepting online gambling ads again, but I havent heard back from them yet.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Islandmaan they never responded to any of my emails asking if they were now accepting online gambling again. Did you find out anymore from them?

Professor answered 1 year ago
What a bunch of ball busters! Ok Spam is fine with them, but online gaming is a no no!


We regret to inform you that your ad has been rejected.

Account Number: XXX
Ad Name: Las Vegas Excitement at Home
Campaign Name: Free Slots Games

This is due to the following reason:
No online Gaming or Casino ads accepted in network

Fortunately you can make changes to your Ad and resend it to us for further review.
Just log into your account at Under Manage Ads and Bids
click on the name of the Ad as shown above and make whatever edits you need. Remember,
the Ad preview function will spellcheck your ad for you. Save your ad and we will
re-review it.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

islandmaan answered 1 year ago
no Lou I have had no luck either, nobody wants are gambling dollars!