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Infolinks is a good PPC advertiser

AK asked 2 years ago
I have been using a company called Infolinks for some numerous gambling websites and has been working good. The average cost per click is just around 25 cents. I know a majority of PPC advertisers are no longer doing gambling stuff however Infolinks Does.

if your new to the PPC game I can try and explain some of the stuff for You. Its usually based in Javascript which does not effect your PR or google value. It’s basically away You can possibly make some extra money a month on clicks. Please consider however You can lose some “signups” on your banners if You offer this as the viewers will be checking out some of the websites promoted by infolinks.

You can show your infolinks in several forms, with one underline or two Also in numerous colors. In my example here I submitted my code to my signature to show You it at work. Don’t worry this won’t follow You around but will show up in this thread, all you have to do is submit your code to your signature section.Now if you own your own forum or if your forum buddies don’t mind they might allow You to implement your code all over the forums etc.

They offer several payout options. 1. bankwire, 2. paypal, and 3 with a debit card.

Infolinks biggest downfall is they do not have a phone number for customer service. All service is done via email. I hope this information helps and I would consider them a good competitor for google ads.

Best Regards

11 Answers
alexpratt answered 2 years ago
Interesting stuff – Can you also advertise through infolinks? I looked at their site but can’t find a link – Is it just for their clients already?

AK answered 2 years ago
Hello Alex,

To the best of my knowledge You actually can. It’s very similar to Google Adsense but they except gambling ads.

Best Regards

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Doesn’t appear that they have any information for advertisers on their site.

AK answered 2 years ago
I sent them an email.. I’m pretty sure You can. I will get back to You when I find out.

AK answered 2 years ago
I spoke to infolinks today via email with there response regarding “new advertisers”

This is there response with me since I have been with them for a few years and a preferred infolinks member.

We do not currently have a sign up section for advertisers, but if you have friends who are interested in becoming an Infolinks advertiser, they are welcome to contact us by email and we will evaluate each offer separately. Let them know to include your email handle” class=”bbcode_email”> and we will get them reviewed.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions or if you need any assistance, please be sure to let me know.

Have a great day!

AK answered 2 years ago
I just got another response from the numerous people who have applied asking to be a promoter. They have requested I inform users of the following.

Infolinks ads more and more advertisers each month – our pool of advertisers is continuously growing. However, we don’t have a system for self sign-up for advertisers. We currently sign them up manually via our advertising department.

So feel free to contact them at to get on there network.

Best Regards


GFPC answered 2 years ago
Just an update:

I did what you said and gave your email addy. I asked if i could be an advertiser and i member of there to post their stuff… Heres the reply.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for contacting Infolinks.

At this time Infolinks is not compatible with gambling or gambling related

If you have any other websites that you wish to advertise that are not
gambling related we would love to hear back from you.

Should you have any questions related to Infolinks, please do not hesitate
to contact me anytime.

Have a lovely day.

AK answered 2 years ago
Hey Steve,

I’m a bit confused.. Do You want to promote your sites with infolinks or promote other “text ad link sites” on your websites? Either way it appears they said they are not taking anymore gambling advertisers. let me obviously check up with them regarding this.

Best Regards

GFPC answered 2 years ago
Hey there,

I actually emailed them asking about both options. It appears they do not work with gambling websites for any of their programs.

I think a post above asked if the allow advertisers of which I was also interested in. So I was just following the advice given.

Thanks for looking into it – I didn’t think they would allow gambling sites but then again you seem to work with them fine. So i am not sure what the difference is.

Thanks buddy


AK answered 2 years ago
Response from the great staff over at infolinks.

we are evaluating each publisher and advertiser on a case by case basis. Since we are committed to have only quality content, we reject publishers with websites that have adult content, gambling content, etc. The same is done with advertisers – we will not advertise adult content, gambling, etc.

If the website is not directly gambling per-se, but related to gambling we can possibly except them. Since our team accepts or rejects publishers and advertisers manually, there is a lot of human discretion here as well.

If they would like us to review their website again, they are more than welcome to write again – we always write back