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Best Email Marketing Software

ewhitaker asked 2 years ago
I am looking for a new email marketing software program. I have Mailoop, but need something that is easier to operate.

Can I get some suggestions?

7 Answers
ewhitaker answered 2 years ago
Some of the things I am looking for in this software is:

Internal SMTP server
List management
subscribe and unsubscribe feature
ability to import email addresses
HTML email format capability

OasisAffiliates answered 2 years ago
I would check out

They are easy to use…and they offer great support.

ewhitaker answered 2 years ago
thank you!

I briefly looked it over, will look closer tonight in more depth, but it looks like this may just be the answer.

Thanks again!

BigDaddy answered 2 years ago
We use

They don’t charge you per email but by how many emails are in your list. So if you have 2500 emails you could send a newsletter out everyday and it will still only cost 50 bucks a month. They track bounces and clickthroughs along with some other nice features.

Good luck!

ewhitaker answered 2 years ago
Big Daddy – thanks! Will check them out too.

Both of these programs are done on their servers – is this what most of you do? Anybody use their own software that they purchased that is easy to use and can do all the things I mentioned above?

BigDaddy answered 2 years ago
We tried using dadamail and send studio software but all we got were tons of bounces. I don’t think our host could handle that volume at once. I don’t like the monthly fee but it does work alot better than stand alone.

DaveP answered 2 years ago
Take a look at Ecampaign for newsletters. I don’t think I ever played with an easier program. I don’t know if it will suit your needs tho