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Bwin / PartyGaming Merger – Good News? Bad?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysBwin / PartyGaming Merger – Good News? Bad?
Nathan asked 3 years ago
The merger between bwin and PartyGaming — which would create the world’s largest publicly traded Internet gaming company — is on schedule and moving full speed ahead through the regulatory process. (Get details on that story here.)

So, what do you think? If one of these brands are among your big affiliate earners, are you concerned that this may water down or even eliminate one of the affiliate programs? Or do you think it’ll probably be business as usual?

3 Answers
addaminsane answered 3 years ago
I take it this is because BWIN has been getting alot of bad rap lately? Are BWIN tagged player accounts being honored at Party? Im confused, will the BWIN brand cease to exist, adopt the party software, or is this a credibility thing?

Dominique answered 3 years ago
The basic agreements for the merger happened before bwin started screwing over affiliates. But – I think the aff program for bwin was still totally under bwin’s control.

I hear rumors that party is none too happy with the way things went – but they are still just rumors.

We will see……

GFPC answered 3 years ago
I feel it will greatly affect many affiliates! It would seem Bwin is in full control and Party seems to be the (sidekick) minority partner here. I do not think the new Bwin terms and conditions and predatory nature will help Party at all.

If the industry blacklists Bwin – by default they will have to blacklist Party! Well see.