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Best E-mail Marketing Service Providers

Warren asked 3 years ago
Following up on my post regarding e-mail industry benchmarks, I thought it would be helpful for the community to see which e-mail marketing service providers everyone prefers and why.

Please vote on your preferred solution and follow up with a post on why you prefer this solution.

My personal vote is for Aweber (although that’s not what we use here at CAP). I believe their deliverability is one of the best out there, and that’s a very important metric to watch in e-mail marketing to ensure your message can be opened and clicked on.

19 Answers
JillO answered 3 years ago
Honestly Fonzi… YES… the benefit absolutely outweighs the cost. Using an ESP to communicate to your forum members is way easier than using vBulletin. Plus, vBulletin’s delivery is quite poor and they don’t provide any reporting metrics, so there’s really no way to measure what’s working and what’s not.

As for subscribing/unsubscribing… Users will be able to do that through the ESP, so you can manage all email correspondence that way. How come you would want that info to carry over to vBulletin as well?

fonzi answered 3 years ago
@JillO 237310 wrote:

How come you would want that info to carry over to vBulletin as well?

I don’t want to have to manually add and remove new forum members from the email service.

JillO answered 3 years ago
@fonzi 237312 wrote:

I don’t want to have to manually add and remove new forum members from the email service.

I understand… Yes, you would have to make those updates… However, it’s actually a pretty simple process. It only requires you to download the data from one system and upload it to the other. Most ESP’s automatically scrub duplicate data, etc.

harold answered 3 years ago
I’m looking for an ESP that would accept a casino affiliate as their client, and so I landed on this thread. Can anyone recommend one that does accept casino affiliates?

For example, Mailchimp and Aweber do not accept casino affiliates, at least that is what their support told me when I asked about this.

Any suggestions?

Caseym answered 3 years ago
Have you tried the other poll choices??

harold answered 3 years ago
Yes I’m considering them but it doesn’t look very promising for most of them. Here is what I found so far:

Constant Contact, iContact and Stream Send all mention in their terms that they dont accept gambling websites.

Mailchimp told me through their customer service that they wouldn’t accept a gambling website. and they also have it in their terms.

I’m not sure now anymore about Aweber ( I thought they told me they wouldnt take gambling but I dont see it in their terms now) so I will ask them again.

Campaigner I have asked the customer support, no reply yet.

Infusion soft also mentions in their terms that they may close an account offering gambling content.

fonzi answered 3 years ago
Does the benefit outweigh the cost when using these services? I have a poker forum with 46k members and pretty much stopped sending emails though the forum because of spam filters.

Also is there a way to tie any of these services to vbulletin so that members who don’t want to receive emails won’t and also to keep the list up to date?


LivetheDreamAndy answered 3 years ago

I’m looking for the best email newsletter collection service for gaming. I used constant contact in the past, but I believe they don’t offer this service to gaming clients any longer.

We are trialing MailChimp and the AddUs Email collection service as part of content sharing.

Would be interesting in hearing about what others use to capture visitors and how to market via email/social free online slots and online casino reviews

mikelitson answered 3 years ago
Just figured I’d come back to this old thread, mailup don’t take gambling anymore. And neither do a lot of the online ESPs.

If you’re looking at mailing best thing is to get some cheap mailing servers, you’re own software and set it up that way. MassMailServers are reasonably priced and it’s easy to get a lot of IPs.

Their inbuilt software sucks, but I’ll be launching an affordable solution myself very soon which works nicely on their servers.

gianniscarts answered 3 years ago
For me, aweber does the job.