Casino Targeted Databases

jameskon asked 6 months ago
Have Casino targeted databases available – 2013-14 records

Including Name, email , phone and address.
So you can use them for emailing, mobile sms marketing and Mailing Offline vouchers etc.

Price: 15 cents per record.
Min buy: $500

add me on skype (anshul.mahajan1184) if you are interested

4 Answers
allfreechips answered 6 months ago
That’s pretty illegal, nice

jameskon answered 6 months ago
why illegal, we gathers it via our website and selling the database now.

allfreechips answered 6 months ago
read some spam act laws.. anyone sending to those people are breaking the law.

mikelitson answered 6 months ago
Meh, it’s pretty loose to be fair on a lot, I’m pretty sure if you tell people you’re going to pass on data to 3rd parties you’re allowed to sell it. (At least in the UK).

And even if he hasn’t it depends where he’s based, a lot of countries pretty much have no real binding law on stuff like this.

Not saying it’s ethical, just saying it’s not actually like anything is even remotely likely to happen to the seller or buyer.