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Basic SEO Guide

aarisindia asked 2 years ago

I’ve been searching for some time for SEO Guide for Beginers. I’ve also noticed that many members of the forum have been asking how to do this.

So I’ve put my findings in a guide that is free for you to read at…

Basic SEO Guide

Thank you for…taking the time.

Best Wishes

2 Answers
cmcdonnell answered 2 years ago
Though these are the basics, I am surprised that no one thanked you. It’s nice to have so much information in one place, this basic manual will definitely help entry level SEO marketers!

casdirss answered 2 years ago
That’s a pretty good SEO guide for beginners, especially for learning the basics. For anyone who wants to learn even more, you should check out They post great SEO articles all the time, and it doesn’t cost anything to read them <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />