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Another google question

blackhawk asked 1 year ago
I have several sites pertaining to the same topic.

Three sites relating to three towns in Colorado that have gaming.

I have another site that covers all the towns

I have another forum relating to them.

The forum took off, I added a portal (so it’s an info site, too) now I have lots of members, messages, etc…. now I want to capture all my traffic from the other sites (they all rank well).

Question: a redirect on all sites would be bad right?

Question: what about a CAREFULLY written keyword page with ONE outbound link to my forum site?

I am trying to get away from managing 5 separate site, plus I think google thinks I’m up to something with my links…

any help appreciated.


11 Answers
Janet answered 1 year ago
a CAREFULLY written keyword page with ONE outbound link to my forum site will be the best

blackhawk answered 1 year ago
Thanks Janet.

On these pages… how should I manage the anchor text? Should each page be different?

3 towns x 3 sites:

central city
cripple creek

Should all my anchor text be “Colorado Gambling” or “Colorado Gambling Forum”

or should I tailor different anchors cooresponding to each town / site?

Thanks again!

Also if anyone knows what the optimum length of the text, ratio of keywords to non keywords? What should my number one words be % wise to the rest of the article?

Thanks for any information!


blackhawk answered 1 year ago
Would a pop-under be a bad thing ?


blackhawk answered 1 year ago
<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> Ok, I finished one of my pages.

Here are my concerns:
(1) the anchor text as stated above
(2) the replacement page itself, is it okay?
(3) I am worried about loosing some rank, so was wondering if someone who knows what they are doing would run them each (old and new) through analogx for me to see if I’m screwing myself – yes I did it; it doesn’t look that way, I’m just scared.

The new page is
the old page is

Thanks again,

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
This is off topic, but I have to say, Blackhawk, your forum site at is absolutely beautiful!

blackhawk answered 1 year ago
Thanks Fergie:blush:

Now if only the casinos thought so enough to give me some $$$ – you see – I have no business skills :dontget:

Thanks for the compliment though!! it helps!:bigsmile:

I’d like to hear that from a dial-up connection!

Classics answered 1 year ago
I’m unclear what you are trying to do.

Is a test page where you are just showing us something?

I first thought you just wanted to kill the old pages and have a link to you gambling forum, but now I’m confused.

blackhawk answered 1 year ago
yes the blackhawk.htm would be the replacement page for index.htm….

you don’t sound confused, that is what I’m trying to do.

thanks for taking the time, very much appreciated!

Classics answered 1 year ago
Okay, so my understanding is you want to elimate several domains, but want to use the tactic of leaving up one page domains rather than using redirects. Then, your single gamblingforum domain will have all the content from all your other existing domains.

In general, this is a good idea, and a single text link to the gambling forum… or two links, one to the gambling forum, one to a blackhawk-specific (for example, from the blackhawk domain) page on the gambling forum. Eventually the old domains will fade away and you can take them offline.

In my view, considering your situation, making one larger domain is a much better idea. You can easily make city-specific directories/pages on the bigger domain, and then link to all the pages however you want.

The main negative I see for you is you will lose your Dmoz and Yahoo Directory listings for the soon-to-be-one-page old domains. This will lower the total amount of pagerank under your personal control, but that pagerank now is dispersed onto domains that (it appears) don’t make much financial sense to you, so you wouldn’t be losing anything that is of practical value to you now.

If you don’t want to lose these directory listings, do not make this change.

Bigger domains are better. Dividing up content onto many domains is so 2002. This is especially true since the focus of your domains is so similar and easily related.

Disclaimer: I believe in doing things “right” and not halfway. If you don’t want to maintain these domains, then don’t try and have them linger forever in a sort of half-assed state. I’d put up simple links to one or two pages saying the content has been moved to new locations… get what links you can moved to the new target URLs… take the domains offline in four to six months and be done with it.

blackhawk answered 1 year ago
Thanks Classics for taking the massive amount of time it must have taken to write that.

Would a pop-under of my forum be an absolutey horrible thing? or would that be okay?