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APCW Poll : Number of Programs You Promote

Integrity asked 2 years ago
The APCW would like your help in gathering some statistical information about affiliate programs performance.

In this thread I am asking: “How many affiliate programs do you actually promote accross your sites?”

6 Answers
islandmaan answered 2 years ago
And interesting side note might be how many do you actually generate money from each month, bet there is a large difference between the 2.


Dominique answered 2 years ago
Yep. That would be interesting too.

Integrity answered 2 years ago
That is addressed in the other poll, titled “Healthy Income” =0)

riviera answered 2 years ago
i feel one should promote 3-4 good programs rather handling 15-20

slotplayer answered 2 years ago
I think too many choices just confuses the potential player.

pearlgaming answered 2 years ago
We promote 50+ but that is the nature of our business, being an aggregator.