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Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

OnlineCasinoGames360 asked 2 years ago

I have a new website ( No Deposit Bonuses – Online Casino Games ) but I dont know if it is a good idea to install Google Analytics and the Webmaster Tools. I had read that giving to much info to google about your site can make it rank slower. Is this really true? Do you guys use the Analytics & Webmaster Tools and have good results on the search engines?

Thanks for your help!

8 Answers
edgarf76 answered 2 years ago
False, get a sitemap in there asap. If you are using wordpress I would use yoast, in my experiance it has gotten my pages indexed quicker.

If there are any problems with your website, GWT will let you know. Also I would start a big wmt too and submit you sitemap.

bamfordgolf answered 2 years ago
You can get at least some kind of view of your keyword performance using GWT that’s otherwise missing due to ‘not provided’

alexandrupk answered 2 years ago
I tend to use Analytics and Webmasters on all my main websites. I skip them whenever I build websites that are going to be used to support the main ones, since I don’t want Google to cancel the link’s value. I don’t see the harm in using them otherwise though. The information they provide you can be valuable.

RyanWeb answered 2 years ago
Google can be a very useful tool as it will let you know what direction to take your site. If you start ranking highly for a keyword you can really miss out on a monetizing opportunity without knowing. It will also alert you to broken links, problems with your server, and a whole host of other issues. Not using it is like running a site blind, or at least badly needing prescription glasses <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Bobby sand answered 2 years ago
Its a myth that Google factors your analytics data to determine ranking influences. Google does take into account click through rate but it doesn’t need access to your analytics for that. I’d advise that getting as much data as possible is crucial to the ongoing optimisation of your site and that in turn will help you gain rankings much quicker

slots-guide answered 2 years ago
Google analytics and tools are a must for most websites no matter the industry.
Not convinced the stats are 100% accurate but I’d never consider not having them.

Jermewy answered 2 years ago
Yes, you give info about your website to Google..But look at it from the good side.. If your site has good performances and behavioral factors, why not? Google will see that you have good indicators and will rank it, no?

cashmirrors answered 2 years ago
I prefer stat counter over analytics