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Yahoo Now Offers Affiliates Geolocation Data

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Yahoo Improves BOSS Products For Affiliates

Internet media giant Yahoo has recently improved their BOSS paid service product (Build Your Own Search Service) with combining popular tools Place Spotter and Place finder as part of the package.

Consequently, both these tools will not be available as free stand-alone products and will now be soley part of the paid BOSS service.  Placefinder provides geocoding and reverse geocoding, which enables affiliates to convert an address to its latitude/longitude or vise versa and Placespotter provides related location information.

When it initially launched BOSS was a free product but now it has evolved beyond traditional search as it now incorporates a broader commercial function that includes search as just one component.

Yahoo also claims that BOSS now has broad commercial applications and strong support for affiliates as part of the service.   Now affiliates will be able to incorporate Geolocation Data and effectively reach players in selected markets as all part of the BOSS product.

Now that more specific markets are becoming legal online gaming jurisdictions, affiliates can more effectively target players in each market where they reside.  This will be a powerful marketing tool combined with promotions, bonuses and languages appealing to the players in the regions.