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Writing for Google Checklist

Content IS king.

How can you make your content attractive to your users and also to Google? This is the million dollar question that anyone serious about promoting their website must consider. Today, Google’s robots read your content much like a real person, and therefore the old type of SEO strategies are no longer relevant. In fact, by trying to speak to the search engine with too many keywords, bold letters and underlines, you might actually lose traffic. To avoid this kind of scenario you should take these steps to ensure that your content will meet your users’ and Google’s tastes.

Human Content

Yes, today content must be human. You are presenting information for real people, and also for robots that are programmed to detect content which is developed for real readers. This means that you must consider the flow and design of your content. Huge text blocks packed with keywords is not a human way to present information. When a real reader comes to such a page online they usually leave it in a click of a button. If you are wondering whether your content is inviting for your users, you can simply have a look at the bounce rate for your site. A high bounce rate means that people are not clicking further into your site for more information, while a low bounce rate percentage is a good indication of human content.

Thinking About SEO

OK, we still have to consider SEO when we create content for a site. After all, robots are still robots, and they must get some proper indications of what your site is about. This can be done by using keywords wisely. Make sure that your main keyword is showing in the title of the page/post, and also in 2-3 instances in the text. That’s it. You do not need to overdo the keyword rate or play tricks with bold letters, underlines, and other things that you might have read about in SEO guides from the past. In fact, with clear structures and an easy touch on the keywords, you make your content clear and attractive both for search engines and real readers.

Relevancy and Originality

With human content, which is also tweaked to make the search engines happy, you are creating a page or site with value, but there is more to this equation. When you take steps to ensure that your content meets your users’ and Google’s tastes you must also consider the relevancy and originality. If you can present something unique and special chances are much greater that it will go viral and that Google will push for it in the search results. Just focus on adding value with relevant information that can only be found with you. This could demand some extra research and innovation on your part, but it is worth it since the results will mean high quality traffic to your site.