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World Mahjong Tour Launches On Facebook

Asia-focused gaming company World Mahjong Tour (WMT) Inc. has announced the launch of the first Mahjong and Big Two multiplayer software game applications for Facebook.

‘Both Mahjong and Big Two are extremely popular Asian games with a massive following worldwide,’ said David Wang, co-founder of WMT.

‘We plan to bring and introduce many Asian games to the entire worldwide audience in English and other languages.’

Members of the Facebook community number upwards of 61 million with estimates putting the number of Mahjong players at over 100 million globally. Wang said that Mahjong is considered the national pastime in China and is one of the most widely played games in the world, especially in Asian nations.

WMT's Mahjong game comes in Chinese and English and allows users to quickly learn and improve their skills. Users can play social or competitive online games around the clock by logging in to Facebook.

‘With this new launch on the Facebook platform we will be the leader in presenting Asian games to a worldwide global audience," said Pierre Wuu, Co-Founder of WMT.

"Facebook has a strong presence outside Asia in both North America and Europe and this is a market that very few Asian gaming companies have entered. This market will only grow.’