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Will Live Casino be Big Business in the US?

Will Live Casino be Big Business in the US?

As a casino affiliate, you’ll be familiar with the traditional slots and table games that have been a huge hit online. But in markets around the world, there has been a surge in the popularity of live casino.

According to some market experts, live dealers could account for up to half of all online casino revenue by 2025 so it’s a vertical that affiliates should be monitoring closely if not creating content around.

But why has live casino seen such a meteoric rise in recent years?

What makes live casinos so appealing to players?

Live casino has several benefits for players, and these go beyond giving people an opportunity to enjoy playing their favourite table games without needing to leave the house.

These games are a lot more immersive and engaging than standard slots and table games. Each game is hosted by a human dealer who interacts with players via the chat facility. This brings the game to life and helps to create an environment like that of a land-based casino.

Live casino also bridges the gap between real-world and online play and in new markets such as the US is a powerful way of building trust with players who are playing online for the first time.

Take Golden Nugget in New Jersey as an example – the operator became one of the first to build a live casino studio on its premises.

How can affiliates leverage live casino opportunities?

For casino affiliates, the opportunities that live casino games present are significant especially as online casino continues to roll out across the US.

Affiliates that create content around the vertical and partner with operators that offer live dealers will be in the driving seat to engage with a wider audience of online casino players ready to convert into first time depositors.

But before jumping in, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, market research is crucial. Not all legal online gambling states permit online casinos and in those that do, not all operators are offering live dealers.

It is also important to gain a deep understanding of live casino – how it works, the technology it uses, etc – so that you can communicate this to players visiting your site. Remember that many will not have played live casino before, so an education process needs to take place.

Of course, we can’t hide away from the fact that many players will come to you for the quality of your bonuses. If you can’t tantalize them with specific live casino offers, it’s very likely that they’ll go to someone else that can.

To get these, you’ll need to build a significant audience and partner with high-quality casino affiliate programs that offer dedicated live casino bonuses.

The live casino revolution is coming; make sure you’re prepared

Online casino is a booming sector in many countries, including the US. However, many of the traditional niches are becoming more and more saturated.

With this in mind, live casino offers a superb opportunity for you to focus on a growing vertical and to stand out from the crowd.