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5 Reasons Why Online Gamblers are Excited About Binary Options

The big boom of online gaming has brought lots of competition and regulations that make playing and winning harder than ever. Aside from these hassles, online gaming doesn’t offer the returns available with binary options. This industry is also attractive because players and investors don’t have to depend on a fledgling stock market to cash in. Though the industry is young, it’s wide open for players who want better returns and more assurance of winning. Here’s why gamers are so excited.

1. Binary Options is a Virtually Untapped Market

Playing in a new market means two things for players: fewer regulations to worry about and less competition for winnings. Online gamers who switch over to playing binary options in its early days will be the pros of tomorrow. History tells us that the first people to cash in on any industry are usually its biggest winners.

2. Binary Options Offers High Returns

How high? Some high yield options offer as much as a 500 percent payback, but ordinary (lower risk) trades offer returns between 65 percent and 95 percent. The usual trades promise winning returns of about 85 percent. When have you been able to expect that kind of winnings in other online gaming?

3. Binary Options is Simple
Instead of complex rules and strategies associated with some online games, binary options is as simple as it gets. Yes, players who want to employ lots of strategy can certainly do so. But new players simply play the call option (betting the values will close above) or the put option (betting the values will close below). It really doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

4. Players Know What Winnings Are Before Playing Binary Options
Heading into most online games, it’s impossible to know what your winnings are going to be ahead of time. Binary options eliminates this worry—you know exactly what your expected returns are going to be before making the contract. Earnings depend on the broker, and of course, the risk of a trade. But you never have to guess, and this is attractive for online gamers.

5. Enjoy Several Ways to Play Binary Options
Don’t let the simplicity of playing binary options fool you into thinking it’s boring. Players have lots of ways to indulge. Some of the current popular binary options choices include:

  • Touch/No Touch
  • High/Low
  • 60 Seconds
  • In/Out
  • High Yield Options

Each of these trading options offer different levels of excitement and risk. Players who like fast action enjoy playing 60 seconds. Those who want the potential for huge earnings like high yield options. Of course, you can try them all to see which you like best with very little up front investment.

If you’re bored or dissatisfied with the flooded and heavily regulated online gaming industry, perhaps it’s time to give binary options a try. Most brokers accept very small investments to get started, and the huge potential earnings are a better bet than most of the online poker games these days.