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Why Latin American Affiliate Programs Are Succeeding

It’s no secret that Latin America offers a number of opportunities for operators and affiliates. In a report published by Research and Markets, the online gambling industry in Latin America could be worth $150 billion annually within a few years. Here’s our report on what’s working and what’s not in the most popular Latin American markets.
The largest nation in South America, with 192 million people, has a solid number of regular Internet users and a cultural history of gambling. The key factor in Brazil’s emergence as a leading market for online gaming is the increasingly fast rate of broadband Internet adoption. Across the region, broadband has seen a CAGR of about 18%. Brazil will also see large gambling growth during and following the FIFA World Cup 2014, which is to be held in Brazil.
Operators who provide services in Brazil include: Fortune Affiliates (casino, poker, bingo), Mojo (casino, sports, poker), 888 (casino, poker), Winner Affiliates (casino, poker), BetVictor (sports), BetSpace (sports), BetFair (sports)
In Argentina, online gambling is legal for players and operators both based within Argentina, but there is little, if any, enforcement for overseas online gambling operators. Second only to Brazil in terms of total gambling revenue, Argentinians regularly gamble, and there seems to be no push to regulate gambling from a legislative standpoint. A report by KPMG calls Argentina the “sleeping giant” in the Latin American world, and we look forward to seeing how the provincial status of online gambling plays out in the country over the next several years.
Worth noting is that, about six months ago, a federal court in Argentina struck down Bwin’s attempt to become a national, rather than provencial, provider of sports betting, upholding the state-run lottery’s monopoly on national betting.
Operators who provide services in Argentina include: 888 (casino, poker), bet365 (casino, poker, sports), Intertops (casino, poker, sports)
Mexico is host to a thriving brick-and-mortar casino industry, and growth in this industry is primarily fueling growth in the online gaming sector within Mexico. In addition, broadband penetration is increasing and most city-dwellers now have access to broadband Internet. Sports betting is growing strongly as well in the country. Industry analysts value the Mexican gaming market at $4.6 billion.
Operators who provide services in Mexico include: Fortune Affiliates (casino, poker, bingo), Winner Affiliates (casino, poker), Lock Affiliates (casino, poker), InterPartners (casino, poker), SIA Affiliates (casino, poker), bet365 (scratch cards).
The Big Picture
While Brazil’s governments are pushing to ban online gambling (though, the current administration shows little desire to pursue this agenda), the Argentina government is pushing to deregulate it, to some extent. Coupled with the large influx of new broadband traffic across the region as well as a bustling economy, this is adding millions of Internet users with disposable income who are ready to entertain themselves with gambling, especially during their favorite sporting event: football.