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What You Need to Know About the European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour, or EPT as it’s known for those in the know, has often been looked upon as the World Series’ poor relative.  We’re all aware that the WSOP is a blistering few weeks of poker culminating in the main event, and that it attracts the biggest and best players from around the globe.  It wins on the glamour side of the game, but the EPT is not that far behind.
Starting back in 2004 and heavily promoted and sponsored by PokerStars, the EPT is gearing up for a decade of poker.  Far from playing second fiddle to the WSOP, the EPT is actually the world’s richest poker tour and takes part in a variety of stylish venues around Europe.  Season nine visits Barcelona, San Remo, Prague, Deauville, London and Berlin before closing with the Grand Final in Monte Carlo in May 2013.

EPT participants

Main events during the EPT are always Texas Hold‘em with a buy-in, depending on the location of the event, of between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros and all are freeze out tournaments.  You can of course win an entry via one of the many satellites available and with a buy-in as low as 5.45 Euros this is a path that many players choose.  Many of the events are televised and once you have signed that waiver form you have the chance to see yourself on the small screen.
The leader boards make for an interesting read as you won’t see the household names up there like Doyle Brunson or Phil Hellmuth. However when you take a closer look at the players sitting at the top of the tables, their winnings are pretty good to say the least. In fact season the Grand Final of season eight, held in Monte Carlo, was the richest poker event ever to have been held in Europe with a 19 million Euros paid out during the nine day event.
PokerStars work hard at pushing the EPT and affiliates will find that it does work as a good conversion tool as those low satellite buy-ins are very tempting for the newer player.
The tour itself is organized and managed by Edgar Stuchly and with twenty years of industry experience you expect that he would do a good job, and he indeed has.  Many players flock back to these events year after year, and why not?  They are well managed, well organized, get great player testimonials and the venues are in great cities that offer more than just a poker event.  The bottom line is that they are great events with big money up for grabs and there is no doubt they will continue to be a success.