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How To Increase Time on Site

One of the best tips for affiliate marketing is to increase your site’s “dwell time”. Dwell time is defined as a combination of your traffic’s bounce rate and average time spent on the site. Super affiliate marketing requires an emphasis on grabbing people’s attention. Here are our “protips” for increasing your site’s dwell time:

Use an Appealing Site Theme

Does your site look like it was built by a high schooler in 2001? If so, you may have plenty of room to improve your site’s dwell time without having to make any changes to your content itself. Web design has evolved considerably over the years. Today’s top performing sites are characterized by big, beautiful font, a clean interface, social media widgets and smooth navigation.

Check out the new redesign of Mashable, an information site with a tech-generation focus, for a glimpse at the potential and future of web design.

Are Your Headlines Catchy

Writing catchy headlines will do wonders for boosting your average time on site and lowering your bounce rate statistics. Magazine publishers have known this for years which is why they devote so much time and attention to creating the most captivating cover images and headlines possible.

Give your players a reason to get excited about your content with some good ol’ Marketing 101. If you don’t believe this works, try some split testing by publishing an identical article with different headlines.

Boring headline: “Mistakes people make playing poker”
Catchy headline: “The 7 Things You’re Doing Wrong at the Poker Table”

Notice the difference?

Put the Spotlight on Your Players

The Internet is a two-way conversation between sites and their visitors. Are you spotlighting your traffic enough? Displaying recent comments posted to your website posted above the fold can generate better rates of player retention and more discussion.

Experiment with New Forms of Media

Text-only web portals are enduring a popularity crisis. Videos, infographics and podcasts have helped to redefine the dynamic visitors expect to receive when they visit a website. Your site could be, quite simply, out-dated.

Can you bring your super affiliate marketing site into the modern era by upgrading to a clean theme through which dynamic media content is provided to your readers? If so, expect your site’s dwell time, not to mention your bottom line, to see a powerful increase.