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What Do Gambling Affiliates Track?

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Affiliates want to make money, but do they know what to track?

We set out to ask affiliates what they track in their stats on a daily basis and asked them what they felt was the most important.  One of the most important things we found is that affiliates prefer to have up-to-date real time stats so they can check daily and see the progress of recent marketing campaigns.  Another is to make sure that their banners and marketing materials are all being tracked correctly with their affiliate tracking codes so they get credit fro every click and deposit.
We found that affiliates like to see tracking statistics in the application dashboard right when they first log in to the affiliate program and that has all their critical tracking stats available at a glance like: Impressions, Clicks, Downloads, New Depositing Accounts, and Total Commissions. They want to look at the statistics of each campaign and see what is pulling the best and compare against other campaigns. For each campaign affiliates want to see the stats on Hits, Impressions and Sign Ups to see how effective each brand is doing compared to other brands.  If a more popular brand is performing better then the statistics will indicate this with click throughs and sign ups.
Every Affiliate Program is different.
There are tons of affiliate programs out there and the way they present their reports and statistics are different.  Affiliates are all looking for the same basic information but it’s presented to them in unique ways; some programs providing in different formats, break-downs and the over all layout of the program.
Just like everyone, we found the all affiliates have their preferences with how the like the dashboard of the affiliate program.  We found as long as the major statistical reporting was in place, they could dig deeper in the reports to get more of the details like: Commission Breakdown, Report Links, Player Stats, Earnings Report, and a Quick Summary Report. The major programs like Income Access, Net Refer and there are lots of proprietary programs as well as affiliate applications that come with the gaming software the operator uses.
Sports affiliate Alex Szilaghi, from says, “I prefer to use my own site and tools to track player statistics.  What’s important to track for me is: Views, clicks, registered, and deposits.”  He also says he doesn’t get exactly what he wants from all the affiliate programs which is why he relies on his own tools.
The most important for affiliates are the money stats.
As you can well guess the Money Stats are the most important for affiliates to track.  They want to see all the stats right away but they want to see things like:  Gross Win, Initial Deposits, Coupons redeemed, Overall Deposits, Credits, Net Win, Withdrawals and Commissions on their players. From there they want to see overall reports for the day, week, month and year at a glance.  For example, they will want to see that stats, tracking and reporting for Traffic, Earnings, Banners, Referral and Account statistics on each site they have.  Depending on the contractual agreement, affiliates want to see that the players they are sending to brands are converting and that they are getting credit for the player’s deposits.
The affiliate stats tracking should be in accordance with what they have agreed to with the affiliate program contract.  For example, if an affiliate program has agreed to a 40% commission level then the tracking and reporting should indicate that and be presenting in the summary reports.  The other statistical tracking will be directly related to the creative offered by the affiliate program.  Affiliates want to track the effectiveness and stats from one ad banner to the other and they like fresh creative and promotions all the time to see which is doing the best.   Some affiliates prefer to send out their own newsletters with the promotions attached so they can track it directly to their database and see response rates in the affiliate program.