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Unleash The Player Contest Heating Up

Online casino has announced that an avid poker player from Michigan is currently leading the way in its $10,000 Unleash The Player video contest.

Active at as well as on discussion forums, online player ‘GiveMeMyLeg' is poised to win the cash along with a night out accompanied by Playboy and FHM model Carrie Stroup after posting seven video clips about a fictitious ‘pretend player'.

"Sometimes you feel like a bit of a player but then reality kicks in," said ‘GiveMeMyLeg'.

In the leading video clip posted at, a wannabe player blows his nose and wipes his butt with dollar bills indicating his perceived wealth but gives away his true status when stepping outside and into his old car over a strap line reading ‘Anyone can pretend to be a player, but few people actually are'.

"Being a player means different things to different people," said Stroup.

"Most people agree a real player's got to have confidence and style. A Rolex and a Ferrari sure help but using money for toilet paper might be going a bit far."

"Who wouldn’t want to be a player," said ‘GiveMeMyLeg'.

"I’m pretty far off from it right now but I know if I were to win the $10,000 and a night out with Carrie it would definitely change a lot of things."

Players still have until March 31 to submit their own videos showing what it means to be a ‘player' with complete contest rules available at