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Top 5 Casino Games People Play the Longest

A main emphasis of casino affiliate programs and affiliates is player retention. Many factors influence player retention. One important factor is the games themselves.

Which casino games do people enjoy playing the longest and return to play again most frequently? Here are the top 5 casino games that encourage user interaction and repeat visits:

1. Poker

No game has players more loyal than online poker. Since playing poker can rather reasonably be considered a legitimate profession, referring to one’s self as a “poker player” is far more natural than other gambling games. Saying you are a poker player is as commonspeak as saying you are a marathon runner or an insurance salesman; it’s a perfectly normal way of referring to one’s self. This is a distinction not enjoyed by other casino games. Large groups of people do not readily identify as being a “roulette player”. People just happen to have played roulette before.

As such, poker enjoys one of the highest player retention and loyalty rates in the business. And since the game is played against other players rather than a faceless casino, the social interaction factor is lofty.