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SPORTINGBET DETAINEE RELEASED BY THE TURKS Company continues to support the remaining imprisoned employee After weeks in Turkish detention, one of the remaining two Sportingbet employees still held was released this week, still none the wiser on the charges he faces following a raid in May by Turkish authorities on Sportingbet's subsidiary Reuters reports that a number of employees and associates were arrested in the police action, including two London employees of Sportingbet who were in the country on vacation. All but one, still unidentified, person have since been released (see previous InfoPowa reports).  The only remaining person now in detention and refused bail is one of the London employees, Reuters reports. The charges he faces remain a mystery, and have not been made public by the authorities. Shortly after the initial arrests, Sportingbet announced its support for those involved, and it has reiterated that it continues to offer support and is seeking clarification about when and what charges, if any, will be brought.