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Remote Gambling Association Submits Legal Challenge in Greece

Remote Gambling AssociationThe Remote Gambling Association – also known as RGA – has submitted a legal challenge to the Greek Council of State. This challenge has been co-signed by many of the biggest names in the gambling world, including Betfair, bet365, and William Hill.
In short, the issue at hand is the way that Greece is taxing remote gambling.
As of now, the tax regime requires all licensed gambling companies to pay taxes retrospectively on revenue earned from Greek customers ranging from January 1, 2010 through the time at which new licenses were awarded.
Additionally, these companies will also be forced to pay a retrospective 10 percent withholding tax on all winnings through December 16, 2011.
The Remote Gambling Association feels that this is fair as it is considered to be a market entry fee that all new operators will have to pay that have been previously unable to obtain a license to operate in Greece.
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