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Real Money Online Pool & Billiards: For Real or Faux Pas?

Pool and billiards are in the shaded area of the affiliate business and do not receive enough exposure to make them a field to be exploited alone, but casino affiliates are often curious about what lays under the shade and we did some research in order to bring you what this business is really about. Pool and billiards for real money: is it for real? Let’s explore.

About 6-7 years ago there was a lot of fuzz because online pool and billiards affiliate programs were getting ready to launch. However, a lot of us never heard more news about what happened to them once they were out there. The most renowned online pool and affiliate programs were Play 89 and Poolstars, a lot of affiliates jumped in the wagon and attempted to profit from such a popular game.

Online Pool and Billiard Archives: What Happened?

The true story behind Play89, Poolstars and a few other online pool and billiards programs were that they were corrupted and their management teams gave into scamming players and affiliates for their money. Additionally, not only was there plenty of corruption in the system, but the online sites did not achieve the popularity they were expecting and dragged very few customers even though they launched operations worldwide. The websites and affiliate programs lost popularity and online pool and billiards soon went into the dark alley it has been in until now.

Is There Hope?

If you are interested in engaging in business with online pool and billiards (we know a lot of you run into great domain names and other advantages that could set you up in this arena), we suggest that you don’t give up on the dream but that you wait it out and dive into it slowly, as opposed to going in full force.

After the chaos that occurred a few years back, the industry for online pool and billiards took a major setback, but was also shaken up. Nowadays, there are a few affiliate programs that stay in that business and the industry is small, but steady and unexploited, so there are many opportunities that could open up in the field.

An affiliate program you can explore is PoolTrackers, which offers 25% commissions per sale (meaning per real money customer) to its affiliates, and they guarantee their average sale to be over $20 (as we said, the industry is still small). Another interesting program is the Inside Pool Magazine, which offers commissions for suggesting players to their magazine and their land-based pool rooms. has endured the test of time and has been around for about 5 years, which already speaks greatly of the benefits in it.

Finally, we recommend that you stay away from what were once the greatest sites in the niche like Play89 and PoolStars, just because there is no solid evidence that they provide different services than they used to.

Do you know a reliable online pool and/or billiards affiliate program? Let us know about any information you come across and we wish you a profitable week!