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Ray Bitar Apologizes for Full Tilt Poker Mess… Kind Of

ray bitarEarlier this week, PokerStrategy was lucky enough to grab an interview with Ray Bitar, CEO of Full Tilt Poker. As you know, Bitar has been silent since Black Friday. He may think that keeping his mouth shut is a good idea, but former FTP players don’t agree.
Let’s take a closer look at the non-sense spewed by Bitar when asked about his vow of silence:

“There are two reasons. One is the ongoing legal process which has precluded me from providing any relevant information surrounding the on-going investigation, and of course, I have not wanted to jeopardize the process in any way.”

But he was not done yet. Bitar went on to add the following:

“I would like to offer my sincere apology to all who have been affected by these events and to clarify that my silence was not an attempt to ‘hide,’ or ‘ignore,’ the situation . . . I hope that before long I can provide some good news for all of the players involved.”

Does anybody really believe this? It is almost as if Bitar made this half-apology just to shut people up. While he was “waiting in silence” hundreds of thousands of players continue to wonder if they will ever be paid.
The real question remains: is Ray Bitar going to have his apology added to a plaque in the near future?