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PPA Director Speaks On CAP TV

Those interested in the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) advocacy group and the progress of its National Poker Week can now watch an exclusive interview with the organisation's Executive Director at

The online gambling and poker affiliate marketing directory recently interviewed John Pappas for its new CAP TV video channel and asked what members of the industry and everyday players can do to support the organisation’s movement and larger political goals.

‘We’re really encouraging the poker community to stand up for our game now by signing up for our petition,’ said Pappas.

‘You can go to where we have a quarter of a million Americans who have signed the petition [addressed] to President Obama.’

‘We’re going to deliver [the petition] to him on National Poker Week so we’re building up to that. During National Poker Week, we’re asking people to write letters and call their Members Of Congress and do that right through our website,’

Pappas also spoke about the challenges of mobilising online players to political action considering the fact that the community is virtual and not accustomed to congregating together. He revealed that it was important to achieve political support on a national level since state-by-state efforts, although important, don’t ultimately achieve a goal in the same way.

‘We’re happy to provide the PPA with a forum for getting the message out about National Poker Week,’ said Bob Rains, Senior Vice-President Of Marketing for

‘We here at also support the larger effort to get online poker fully legalised in the United States. Not only is this goal of direct interest to all of us in Internet gambling and poker affiliate marketing world, it’s also a worthy cause for American civil liberties in general.’

The interview can also be seen here on YouTube