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Poker Pro Shaun Deeb Wins WCOOP Event

The Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys event was one of the many events that saw a professional player take the prize at the World Series of Poker. Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond won the biggest slice of the prize pool there, and the year of the pro has continued into PokerStars's WCooP as Shaun Deeb took down the $300 PLO w/rebuys. He received $144,000 of the $700k prize pool which well exceeded the $500k guarantee.

The glory came to him when his two pair held up against the top pair and flush draw of Jamie "TheNew" Robbins, making an unneeded straight by the river. Robbins won't be too disappointed though, taking home $103k for his efforts.

In other WCOOP news, rubentry won the $300 6-max tournament after cutting a deal at the final table. The winner received $10,000 on top of what was guaranteed.

rubenrtv — $125,688 $10,000

HT-Max — $92,000

MCLegend — $84,500

tRaMp$d0PrAy — $84,500