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Paris Hilton vs Mike Sexton at PartyPoker

Because for some reason the life events of Paris Hilton continue to be considered newsworthy, PartyPoker have heard that the heiress and wannabe-actress-or-pop-star has had her Bentley vandalised recently.

In 2006 it was reported that the multimillionaire had lost a Bentley Continental GT in a poker game. That month, offered her the chance to win her car back and now, more than three years later, the online poker room is repeating its offer.

The rules are simple – she takes on Mike Sexton in a heads-up poker game for the chance to win a Bentley.

A spokesman said: "Forget one night in Paris, we're offering her one night to win a replacement for her vandalized Bentley! Fortune may be on her side in many ways but when it comes to Bentleys it certainly doesn't seem to be the case so we're confident Mike Sexton would win.

"We challenge her to take us up on the offer. Three years is a long time in showbusiness and we're sure she'd jump at it now – it is a simple offer for the former Simple Life star. Following the original offer in 2006 the likes of Clonie Gowen also made public challenges to the heiress but so far Paris has resisted.

"It is reported that in January this year Paris met Lady Gaga but she didn't show the pop sensation her poker face. We encourage her to not walk on eggshells and show it to Mike Sexton instead!"