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Online Slots Player Takes Home $224,000

An online video slots player using the pseudonym ‘Madman' is richer to the tune of $224,000 this week after striking it lucky on the Prince Of Sherwood machine at

The online slots site revealed that the player laid down a $50 deposit before going on a run with the RealTime Gaming machine that would culminate in a life-changing win.

"Madman was literally hitting on this slot machine just like his nickname implies," said Ralph Biggers, Customer Service Manager for

"It was crazy. One minute his account was up at a couple of grand and the next it was over $200,000. He won over $200,000 in a period of no more than an hour. It was incredible."

The lucky player revealed that he had never before won anything near this amount of money. In fact, his biggest prize was $4,500 courtesy of the New York, New York Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas.

"Whether or not he believes it or not doesn’t matter, I guess," said Biggers.

"The reality will set in when he starts seeing those checks coming in."

"We have seen a lot of winners this month and it is very exciting," said Christopher DiAngelo from

"We have always had a high payout percentage but to see so many people hitting for larger amounts is really amazing. We have definitely been getting bigger and, as we grow, it only makes sense that more and more people will be winning at our casino everyday. Whatever the reason, this has been a really fun month."