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RAY investigating possibilities
In an initiative that could bear fruit as early as Q2 2008, Finland’s State-owned slot machine association, Raha-Automaattiyhdistys (RAY) has confirmed that it is investigating the possibility of making its games available online.
The Board of Administration of the association will make an announcement on its findings and action going forward early in quarter 2 this year.
RAY has exclusive rights to operate slot machines and casino table games along with a land casino in Finland, an arrangement that it claims currently meets the legal principles confirmed by the European Court of Justice in a 1999 ruling. However, the association acknowledges that 10 other European countries have been subject to measures taken by the European Commission regarding online gaming.
“We are considering under what judicial, political, financial and ethical conditions Internet distribution would be possible,” said Jukka Vihriala, Chairman for RAY’s Board of Administration. “We need to consider very carefully whether Internet distribution would unsettle the conditions for RAY’s independence and exclusive right to the extent that the risk is not worth taking.”
The Internet initiative was announced at RAY’s recent general meeting where 68 member organisations were represented.