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Online Poker Room's Million Dollar Promotion

Online poker room has launched a new promotion for July and August that is open to all players and is offering over 25,000 prizes worth in excess of one million dollars.

The Carbon Million Promotion began last week and will run until September 6 with 21 tiers of individual prize levels giving away cash awards of between $2.50 to $20,000. stated that there were only a limited amount of prizes per tier meaning that only a set number of customers would win at a given level. Players win prizes by taking part in cash games at and accumulating VIP points. The more hands played equal more VIP points and the first competitor past the post will win the bigger cash prize.

All of the prizes will be awarded on September 8 while VIP points will be tracked and updated by's administration.

"We’re already getting a lot of interested players increasing their number of tables, hands and tournaments in order to move up the ladder and win bigger prizes," said Jay Manning, spokesperson for

‘ tables are buzzing with excitement as players race to obtain the next reward level before it fills up. With over a million dollars to be awarded at 21 different levels of VIP points, players of all bankrolls have a chance to win during the Carbon Million.’