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Online Gambling Statistics: Battle of The Sexes [INFOGRAPHIC] recently released some interesting facts and figures about the average online gambler in the form of an infographic. Based on a highly credible 10,000 users this data compares the habits between male and female gamblers; from their first deposite average, all the way to their average yearly losses.
When having a look at the infographic, it does beg the question… have they made it too controversial? Or just slap-in-the-face real? I’ll let you decide – though I think commenting that Women are gambling for longer because they are housebound new mothers is definitely a grey area!
Check out the infographic for yourself below:

Men vs Women Online Gambling Statistics
Men vs Women Online Gambling Statistics

See what David Merry, Director of had to say:
“Our stats show that, though the ladies are a little warier of betting big than the blokes, they lose less money in the long run. As with most appetites, men tend to be ‘hungrier’ and consequently more reckless with their gambling. They also tend to prefer games with an element of skill, such as blackjack, while the women tend to put their faith in Lady Luck, heading straight for the random chance of the roulette wheel.”
“There’s no clear winner in the Battle of the Sexes. But we’d like to test the inconclusive data by encouraging more ladies to try their hands at a skill-based game like blackjack. Equally, the fellas should head to the roulette wheel to find out if their luck is as strong as their skill.”
From an SEO perspective, one thing we can take from this is that infographics work a treat and really help with brand recognition!