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Online dice casino company shows record growth

JadeStone, the Nordic games developer behind online gaming sensation DiceArena, have shown record profits after their revolutionary site went live.

A 116% player increase is largely down to the addition of the DiceArena network. In this series of games, users gamble over a variety of dice games including classic Liars' Dice, backgammon and a poker variant known as Dice Hold ‘em which received rave reviews from several poker magazines.

"We're very pleased indeed with the development so far," said Tobias Nissen, Business Development Director at Jadestone. "We're seeing strong growth overall, with good numbers across the board. The DiceArena games are picking up momentum and we're convinced that with over 200,000 pre-registrations from bwin, the curves will continue to push in the right direction. More surprising is the strength of our more mature GamArena product. We just closed our biggest jackpot ever – a €20,000 prize pool was shared by avid Scarab Solitaire players."