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Online Casino Sees Big Win On Olympic Day

Since the special date and start time (08.08 on 08/08/08) of the opening ceremony of the Olympic games last Friday, it is known that the number 8 is considered to be extremely lucky in Chinese culture.

This is because the word for 8, "ba", sounds extremely similar to the world for "wealth", thereby linking the number 8 and prosperity. This rang very true for one lucky player at Golden Tiger, who scooped a progressive jackpot win worth nearly $50,000 on the "Lotsa Loot" game.

A progressive jackpot grows each time on of the numerous machines linked to the jackpot is played, until finally it pays out a cash prize often worth several million dollars. In this particular instance the French player won $49,960 but earlier this year a player won $5.5m with a $0.50 bet.