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Online Casino Reveals Luckiest and Unluckiest Places in the UK

Today being Friday 13th, Virgin Games decided to reveal where and where not to live if you want to strike it lucky, or avoid the bad luck befalling you today.

If you're desperate to avoid it today then pack up your things and head to St. Albans – it's been declared as the luckiest place in the UK by Virgin Games. People from Sutton, Brighton and Luton also needn't get worried about Friday 13th as they follow second and third place respectively in the luck stakes.

"Friday 13th falls three times in 2009, so we thought it would be interesting to see if whether some regions in the UK are luckier than others", said Simon Burridge, CEO of Virgin Games. "We matched the success of our huge database of players against the UK's postcodes, and were surprised at just how much variation there was between regions. It's just a bit of fun, of course – but if I was at all superstitious I'd be heading to St. Albans this Friday 13th."