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Online Casino Offering LIP Service

Tomorrow evening, online casino is offering players the chance to take part in its Live Internet Party (LIP) and receive an animated tour of the site from video-streamed comedian Ian O alongside free cash and prizes.

The online-only season debut of LIP Service in the Live Lounge begins at nine o'clock in the evening London time and will run for two hours. stated that LIP Service would combine the spontaneity and madness of a live show with Ian O's voracious appetite for finding the next big things from the web. Viewers will also be able to interact with the comedian and other participants during the show.

"Since launching last February, imitators including Comedy Central's Tosh 2.0 have appeared but these lack the interactivity of a real-time audience, which our viewers tell us is half the fun," read a statement from

"What good is going to a party where you sit there on your hands and don't say anything all night?" said Alex Czajkowski, Executive Producer for LIP Service and Chief Executive Officer for eGaming 2.0.

"LIP Service is not passive entertainment but alcohol-fuelled mayhem on both sides of the screen with people screaming with laughter into their personal computers and pounding away on their keyboards in chat. The best reason to stay home on a Saturday night in the UK since Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway…or maybe Noel Edmond's House Party. And like my old favourite Talking Telephone Numbers, you can win real cash."

Viewers that missed LIP Service can also relive select bits on YouTube by visiting

"An online super-casino exists for one reason: to entertain its players," said Czajkowski.

"While plenty of sites can give you classic casino games to play, only has live entertainment with audience participation. It is these innovations that separate the same-old, same-old from the new, the 1.0 from the 2.0 and the casino from the super-casino. And from everybody else."