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Online Casino Developer Ups its Game

Veridigm, a global provider of progressive gaming software and entertainment services to the online gaming industry has announced that it is adding a new suite of games to its online gambling portfolio just months after its release of “Megaz Bucks”.

Not content with offering an impressive $5 million plus jackpot for “Megaz Bucks” the company has signed a master licensing agreement (excluding the USA), with Cannes Games, giving its customers access to a wide range of new games including Bingo.

‘During the past six months, Veridigm has experienced rapid expansion and made many gains in its corporate positioning and branding strategy, adding the master licensing agreement with Cannes Games is a result of the management's commitment to Veridigm's ongoing success,’ said VP of Corporate Communications, Alise Mills.

In other news Veridigm confirmed that it would be relocating its company headquarters from Pacific Palisades, California to Dublin a move that may have been prompted by the introduction of the US’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Act (UIGEA) in October 2006.